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InDesign is your one-stop shop for all things InDesign.

InDesign Introduction and Resources — Learn the basics and expand your knowledge with these essential websites and books.

Data merge

Data Merging Individual Records to Separate PDFs

Data Merging Individual Records to Separate PDFs Part 2: via Scripting

Overset Text

Tips for Fixing Overset Text

Viewing Overset Text in Table Cells


K4 InDesign Javascript API Documentation

Regular expression

InDesign GREP Help by Jongware


EPUBsecrets — created by David Blatner and Anne-Marie Concepcion, and hosted by Matthew Diener, is the world’s best resource for all things EPUB.

EPUB InDesign Scripts

EpubCheck — a tool to validate IDPF EPUB files

EPUB Validator (beta)

EPUB Straight to the Point book by Liz Castro

Pigs, Gourds, and Wikis — a blog by Liz Castro

Here are some links that might be useful for you to get you started with fixed-layout ePubs:

How to Create Fixed-Layout iBooks by R. Scot Johns

Field Guide to Fixed Layout for E-Books a free ebook on the ins and outs of Fixed Layout EPUB

EPUB 3 Fixed-Layout Documents

ePubCrawler -- InDesign to Fixed Layout EPUB converter. (a tool for converting InDesign documents to fixed-layout ePub. It worked very well for me: I had to make only small adjustments to CSS styles).


HTML5 Periodical Table by Nick Schaferhoff


"On the Goodness of Unicode" by Tim Bray

"The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)" by Joel Spolksy

Unicode text and Unicode files in UltraEdit/UEStudio


InDesign / Working with XML


Porky — a JavaScript extension for Adobe® InDesign┬« and other Adobe® products supporting ExtendScript. Use various data types like SQL databases, XML- and JSON files as a variable source.


Excel Easy — a great place to get up to speed with Excel. They offer a fully illustrated Excel tutorial + 300 examples. It's 100% free. The VBA section introduces you to coding basics in Visual Basic for Applications: the programming language used in Excel on Windows.


My favorite JavaScript Reference.


jQuery Cheat Sheet for Beginners — by Nick Schäferhoff — makes work a whole lot easier for avid jQuery developers and it may be one of, if not the most comprehensive one on the internet because he literally put together 13 pages (that anyone download as a PDF document for FREE) covering things such as selectors, Attributes / CSS, manipulation, traversing, and much much more that your audience can benefit from right away.

jQuery Tutorial