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Hot folder listener

With this script – I found it posted here by Pedro Cortez Marques – you can use Bridge to monittor a hot folder.

Here's what Pedro wrote:

  1. Select a folder on your network to be the "hotFolder" (you can change its name and in the code itself)
  2. On the computer that will be the listener over the hotFolder, just put this code on the Bridge "Startup Scripts" folder and reopen Bridge
  3. Using another computer, put some images in the folder "hotFolder" and check is the listener event handler reacts automatically.
  4. You can then add your code in the lines (see line 25) or use the file as an argument to run other code you want;
  5. In the end, after the file was processed, just move it or remove it;
  6. This listener will be triggered anytime a file is added or removed or the cache is refreshed. It works only on a folder called "hotFolder";

The script is prepared to function with Bridge always active (bring to front). If you are using photoshop, Bridge will loose focus and will fail. That is why i said to send images to the network hotFolder from another computer and leave this one to have Bridge always on focus.

There is also another chance of using the 2 apps. But more complex. If you make sure somehow to make Bridge "bring to front" (to focus) when you need to run this listener, it should work. You can use BridgeTalk to communicate between the 2 apps to embed the other app code.

Inspired by this script I developed my own one — Hot folder in Bridge — which resaves image files in various formats as PSD files.

See also Watched folder in Bridge.