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Custom scripts written on request of other people

Below them are the scripts written on request of other people. They will not work for you as they are, but might be of interest to scripters. Feel free to use them as starting point for your scripts or revise them to your needs.

Find Text in Location

Script to get ink coverage from xml file

Scripts for making hyperlinks

Export to PDF using Data Merge

Import XML file (ID)
This script imports an XML-file into the classified section of a newspaper and applies the necessary formatting to the text.

Save as Psd, save as Png and delete (PS)
Script for Photoshop CS3. Creates a floating panel with three buttons in Photoshop. Saves the active document in psd, png formats and deletes the last opened psd-file.

Show InDesign links (ID, Bridge)
This script makes possible to see list of all links in an InDesign file selected in Bridge.

Create cross-references script (ID)
Creates cross-references from tags inserted into a text file.

Resize images for Power Switch
Script for Power Switch 9, InDesign and Photoshop CS3-5.

Relink Images and Apply “Rich Black” Color for Power Switch
Script for Power Switch 9 and InDesign CS3).

Add Barcode for Power Switch
Script for Power Switch 9-10 (attached to an InDesign CS5-5.5 configurator).

Batch Create Cross-References
Creates cross-references in the indd-files located in the selected folder.

Export to PDF using Data Merge

List paragraph and character styles (ID)
Makes a list of all paragraph styles and character styles in the front-most document, showing the font, font size and leading. Saves the result in a csv-file which is automatically opened in Excel.

Export from InDesign to Photoshop (ID)
Exports an InDesign document to psd-format.

Change fill color in all paragraph styles (ID)
Changes text color "C=60 M=40 Y=0 K=0" with "C=15 M=100 Y=100 K=0" in all paragraph styles including those in groups.

Rename Links Using ISBN-number (ID)

A bunch of scripts written by me (Kasyan) for L'Express de Toronto Inc.

Reflect page number of printed book to eBook (ID)

Writing info to link´s metadata in InDesign (ID)

Make hyperlinks from Excel (ID)

Process XML Data for InDesign (ID)
(a script example that uses XML files as a sort of database for creating InDesign files from templates)

Remove not placed xml elements (ID)

Reworking a CEP panel into a script for the InDesign server

Leavers Hoodie Script (work in progress)

Update prices in the Wholesale Catalog