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Scripting resources


InDesign JavaScript reference — version 16.0

InDesign Server JavaScript reference — version CC 2019 (

InDiScripts — site published by Marc Autret, developer and graphic designer at StudioEditorial (France).

InDesign snippets — a blog by Marijan Tompa, a graphic designer from Subotica (Serbia).

Dave Saunders' JavaScripting InDesign blog.

If you are serious about scripting you should use Rorohiko's Active Page Item Developer (APID) Toolkit.

Check out Bob Stucky's Creative Scripting blog.


Photoshop JavaScript reference (version CC 2015.5)

Xtools is a JavaScript toolkit that facilitates scripting Adobe Photoshop Photoshop has supported scripting since version 7.0 of the product. Each new version adds more and more capabilities for scripters. — forums, articles, sample codes, tips and tricks on Photoshop scripting.


Beginning JavaScript for Adobe Acrobat by John Deubert

Tutorials: Enhance PDF using JavaScript

Developing Acrobat Applications Using JavaScript

JavaScript for Acrobat API Reference

Acrobat Javascript Samples Scripts on EverMap

Tutorials on


My favorite JavaScript Reference.

Visual Studio Code

ExtendScript Debugger for Visual Studio Code Public Release

ExtendScript Debugger Extension for Visual Studio Code

Using the VSCode/ExtendScript Debugger by Kris Coppieters

ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK)

You can download ESTK both for Mac and Windows from here



jQuery Cheat Sheet for Beginners — by Nick Schäferhoff — makes work a whole lot easier for avid jQuery developers and it may be one of, if not the most comprehensive one on the internet because he literally put together 13 pages (that anyone download as a PDF document for FREE) covering things such as selectors, Attributes / CSS, manipulation, traversing, and much much more that your audience can benefit from right away.

jQuery Tutorial


GREP resources

GREP tips

Developer Centers




Creative Suite Developer Center

XMP Toolkit

Libraries and Frameworks


UXP for Adobe Photoshop 2022

Adobe UXP: Things you need to know! by Davide Barranca

Adobe UXP Plugin Tutorial by NT Productions

Adobe UXP Introduction by Adobe Developers

Alchemist plug-in by Jaroslav Bereza

Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries

The Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries API Is Available Now!

Creative Cloud Libraries API documentation

CEP Extensions

Getting Started with CEP Extensions

Scripting CC Apps Using CEP Panels

CEP Panels and JSON objects

Change as a Way of Life: CC Extensions and the Third-Party InDesign Developer by Olav Martin Kvern

CEP tEB dev tools by Tomasz Mnich. Here is the tutorial.