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Scripts for Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator Scripts by Hiroyuki Sato

Illustrator scripts at

JavaScript for Adobe Illustrator by John Wundes (v10 and above)

Illustrator Praxis (Wolfgang Resel's Scripts)

Jim Hecks Pinball Scripts

Multiexporter by Tom Byrne

Merge Text by Ajar Productions

Send Swatches to Flash by Ajar Productions

Convert to Text Area by Ajar Productions

Adobe Illustrator Scripts by Sergey Osokin

Fibonacci Pattern Generator for Adobe Illustrator

Scripts for Illustrator by Daria Nikonishyna

Finding the Center of Gravity (Centroid) of a Polygon

Illustrator convert to legacy by Joonas Pääkkö (joonaspaakko)
Finds all .ai files from the input folder + its subfolders and converts them to the version given below in a variable called "targetVersion"