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InDesign code examples

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About the “Startup scripts” folder in InDesign CS3 – 4

Example of a dynamic “select folder” dialog box

From print publication to web-page

Damaged documents (apps, scripts and tips for recovering)

Frame can contain more than one object at a time

In recent InDesign versions things with Visual Basic are totally broken

InDesign usage bugs

InDesign scripting bugs

Features unavailable to scripting in InDesign

How to ... ?

How to set many properties at once

How to convert textframe to button

How to get contents string from itemByRange

How to reference a style inside nested groups

How to calculate the total coverage of an irregular polygon shape in InDesign

How to find function name from inside of itself

How to open any menu item by script

How to turn on/off visibility of the layers in a linked InDesign file

How to create usable in InDesign xml-files exported from Excel

How to measure the time a script executes

How to add varnish

How to communicate with Acrobat from InDesign

How to pass all parameters in a custom object via BridgeTalk

Performance issues and good scripting practices

ExtendScript Toolkit Unbearably Slow? by Kriss Coppiters — explains why you shouldn´t abuse global variables.

“Writing code like a story” by Kriss Coppiters

Performance Optimizations for High Speed JavaScript

Performance tips

Trevor’s timing test function


How to install scripts in Adobe Bridge

How to make a hot folder in Bridge


Create outlines from all fonts in acrobat

How to crop pages in Acrobat sample

Enfocus Power Switch

Examples of scripts for Enfocus Power Switch — involves InDesign and Photoshop CS3-5


A collection of ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK) Tips

ExtendScript libraries and frameworks


Photoshop scripting tips & tricks


GREP resources

GREP tips


Excel and AppleScript

Get data directly from Excel