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Information for beginners

Here is some useful information for those who want to learn scripting.

InDesign scripting

Scripting InDesign CS3/4 with JavaScript by Peter Kahrel.
This is a great reference tool for anyone trying to find their way around with JavaScript intended specifically for InDesign. The author brings the topic down to a non-programmer level and offers some great examples of scripts that can be easily modified to fit many automation needs.

JavaScript for the Absolute Beginner by Jongware

InDesign Scripting: Baby Steps by Olav Martin Kvern

ScriptUI for dummies by Peter Kahrel.

Automating Adobe InDesign CS4 with ExtendScript by Shirley W. Hopkins
Whether you want to use scripts, modify scripts, or learn how to write scripts of your own, this book is for you.

Check out Scripting chapter in a book called Real World Adobe InDesign CS4 by David Blatner and Olav Martin Kvern.

An Introduction to Scripts in InDesign CS5 by Gavin Selby.

So you never wrote a line of code? Don't you know where to start? Check out the Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals course by Simon Allardice at

InDesign scripting lessons (Applescript) by macgrunt

Start up folder for InDesign scripts

Acrobat scripting

Beginning JavaScript for Adobe Acrobat by John Deubert

Photoshop scripting

Manipulate an Image with Scripting tutorial by Ross Aitken.

Scripting Photoshop tutorial by Trevor Morris.

How to create your own Photoshop scripts

illustrator scripting

Scripting for illustrator tutorial by JT Nimoy