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Photo Book with InDesign

Autor: Roland Dreger

The makeAPhotoBook.jsx script places graphic files (one per page) from the selected folder in the active document.

Fit image to page size — adjusts the placed image proportionally to the existing page size. Two different sample pages can be selected for portrait and landscape pictures.

Fit page to image size — adjusts the pages of the document in size and proportion to the placed image.

The images are placed to fill the page: the bleed of the document is read out by the script and taken into account.

Supported image file formats: jpeg, png, tiff, psd, pdf, indd, ai. The existing non-empty pages in the source document are retained (for example, a title page).

Also, the package includes a template — makeAPhotoBook.indt — which you can use by the script (see the screenshot below).

Here is a video

The source is here.

Download the script from here.