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Examples of achieving the same task using different scripting languages

We can use three scripting languages to achieve the same task:

The Scripting DOM is identical for all three languages so we can achieve the same task using any of them. For example, say, we want to make a very simple script for the batch processor which adds a page at the end of each document.

Here’s how to do this in JavaScript:


function main() {
	var doc = app.activeDocument;
	var page = doc.pages.add();

Visual Basic Script

Set theApp = CreateObject(“InDesign.Application”)
Set theDoc = theApp.ActiveDocument
Set thePage = theDoc.Pages.Add


tell application "Adobe InDesign 2020"
	set myDoc to active document
	tell myDoc
		set myPage to make page
	end tell
end tell

Click here to download the sample scripts.

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