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Restore external page destinations

Script for InDesign. Written and tested in CC 2019 by me.
The idea for writing it was inspired by the post on the Adobe InDesign forum.
If you created hyperlinks whose destinations are pages in others documents and later a document was moved to another location, the links, obviously, would be broken.
The script is supposed to fix them by replacing only the part of the file path that differs.

For example, say, the file T02.indd was moved from the 2019 to 2020 folder

Before — the destination is broken

I run the script and choose to replace 2019 to 2020

After — the hyperlinks were fixed

By the way, it also works with sub-folders. They should be separated by forward slash/ — like so:

Finally, ou can Undo-Redo the whole script

Click here to download the script, and here are the files I used for testing.