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Remove Word colors

Script for InDesign 2020. Written by Kasyan.

In our workflow, texts are usually written in Word and our designers import (copy-paste) them to InDesign. Unfortunately, some unwanted colors also come with formatting. Amongst them, the pesky Word_R0_G0_B0 swatch which insidiously pretends to be a regular black color and our designers often confuse it with the good old [Black]. That’s a little problem when I get dozens of such files and have only half an hour to complete the work and send PDFs to the print shop.

So, I wrote this simple script which works especially well for me with a shortcut assigned to it.

The script loops through each swatch and if its name begins with Word, it removes it replacing with [Black].

Also, it creates a list of all non-CMYK swatches and gives a warning if any of them found.



Click here to download the script.