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Script for InDesign. Written and tested in InDesign 2020 by Kasyan

As the name suggests, it checks out all InCopy stories. Sometimes I have to replace fonts in several documents using the ‘Find Font’ feature. Since we use InCopy for proofreading and editing text, I can’t do it until I check out the stories. For some reason, InDesign silently ignores the ‘Change All’ command: makes no changes and gives no warning. Without the script I had to find text frames containing the font one-by-one, check out them and make a replacement. The text frames are often hidden from the view – located on master pages or the pasteboard – so it takes a while to look for them.

InDesign has the ‘Check In All’ feature but has no ‘Check Out All’ one which I would like to have so I added it on my own.

The script comes in two variants:

Note: if no document is open in InDesign, the menu is disabled.

Click here to download English version of the script.

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Also, here is the Russian version.