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Find/shrink/fit overset text

Here is a collection of scripts dealing with a common problem — finding overflowed text frames.

Fix overflow by Kasyan.
A set of scripts for expanding overflown text frames in a chosen direction.

Overset text by Martin Fischer
Finds overset text in the active document.

Overset text check by Dave Saunders

Overset text check by Peter Truskier

Find overset text by Evgeniy Karaev
Finds overset text not only in separate text frames, but also in the frames nested in groups (even when a group is nested inside another group).

RSCheckForOversetText Version: 1 by RogueSheep Incorporated
JavaScript that checks the current document for any text frames that have overset text.
User is warned if overset text is found and given a chance to cancel the current action.
All overset items are marked with an underlay red item on a new layer.
Associate before any action when you want to check for overset text.

Overflow by Pawel Swiecicki
script for finding overflowed text in InDesign

Resize overset text frames
Applies Fit frame to contents command to all overset text frames in the active document.

Shrink overset text

Resolve Overset Text by Mars Premedia