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Crowd-funding projects idea

I have several unfinished (due to lack of time) scripts and some outdated scripts written years ago which should be updated. After PayPal made its services available here in Ukraine so we could receive payments, I thought it would be mutually beneficial both for me and the Adobe InDesign users community if I would do what I can do best as I believe: writing scripts.

As before, I adhere to my principle: “I don’t sell my scripts, but I do sell my time”. So, all the scripts posted on my site remain free with the source code left open. I, on principle, never post my scripts exported as binary, so everybody could adjust them to their needs. If you like my idea and want me to update existing, complete unfinished, and develop new free scripts, consider supporting me by donating via PayPal directly to my e-mail: askoldich [at] yahoo [dot] com (Due to PayPal’s restrictions for Ukraine, I can’t have a Donate button on my site.)

The first such script  — called Find Text in Location — was suggested and sponsored by The Treasures of GREP and is ready to use.

Here is the list of scripts I have already completed, which I am working on at the moment, and would like to update or finish in the future: