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Check if text is selected

// check if text is selected and get the current story
var msgWrongSelection = "One text frame or some text should be selected, or the cursor should be inserted into the text.";
if (app.selection.length == 0 || app.selection.length > 1) ErrorExit(msgWrongSelection);
var sel = app.selection[0];
if ( == "TextFrame") { // a text frame is selected
	story = sel.parentStory;
else if (sel.hasOwnProperty("baseline")) { // some text is selected or the cursor is placed in the text
	story = sel.parentStory;
else {
	ErrorExit(msgWrongSelection, true);

if (story == undefined || !story.isValid) ErrorExit("Can't find the selected story.", true);

Click here to download the snippet.