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How to communicate with Acrobat from InDesign

This sample script demonstrates how to communicate with Acrobat from InDesign.
It exports the active InDesign document to pdf file, using its base name, to the root of C drive. Then opens the exported file in Acrobat, prints it to the default printer and silently closes it.
Tested on InDesign 5.0.3, Acrobat 8.0.0, Windows XP SP3.

Short explanation of the acrobat script:

1. Open the pdf file, just exported from InDesign
var myAcrobatDoc = app.openDoc( "/C/' + myBaseName + '.pdf" );

2. To print the document silently I use the doc object's print method and set the following parameters:
bUI —Determines whether to present a user interface to the user
bSilent — Suppresses the Cancel dialog box while the document is printed
myAcrobatDoc.print( {bUI: false, bSilent: true} );

3. Close the document without notifying the user:
myAcrobatDoc.closeDoc( true );

Click here to download the script.

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