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How to pass all parameters in a custom object via BridgeTalk

From time to time I have to write quite complex scripts using BridgeTalk. Long ago I new that it's possible to pass complex objects -- arrays, DOM and custom objects -- via BridgeTalk, but only recently I applied this in practice. Here is an example:

#target indesign
var file = new File('~/Desktop/Sample.pdf');
if (!file.exists) { exit(); }
        file: file,
        cropPage: 'CropToType.MEDIABOX',
        resolution: 300,
        usePageNumber: true,
        regExp: encodeURI(/\.pdf$/.source)
function CreateBridgeTalkMessage(obj) {
     var bt = new BridgeTalk(); = "photoshop";
     bt.body = ResaveInPS.toSource()+"("+obj.toSource()+");";
     bt.onError = function(errObj) {
          $.writeln("Error: " + errObj.body);
function ResaveInPS(serializedObject) {
        obj = eval(serializedObject),
        regExp = new RegExp(decodeURI(obj.regExp)),
        pdfOpenOptions, doc;
      if ( {
          $.writeln( "This is PDF" );
          pdfOpenOptions = new PDFOpenOptions();
          pdfOpenOptions.cropPage = eval(obj.cropPage);
          pdfOpenOptions.resolution = obj.resolution;
          pdfOpenOptions.usePageNumber = obj.usePageNumber;
     else {
          $.writeln( "This is not PDF" );
     app.displayDialogs = DialogModes.NO;
     doc =, pdfOpenOptions);
     app.displayDialogs = DialogModes.ALL;

This approach, in my opinion, has at least two advantages:

It is important to note that in the function to be send via BridgeTalk we should use eval() for enumerations.

Thanks John Hawkinson from the Adobe InDesign scripting forum for the help with the code above.