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How to run .bat file with arguments

Example of executing a bat-file without arguments (the simplest case):

var myFile = new File("c:\\test.bat");

Example of executing a bat-file with setting environment variables:

The bat-file:

The JavaScript:

The test.bat and test.txt files are located in the root of the C drive. Before running the script, the txt-file is empty:

After running the script  — the value of the environment variable has been passed to the txt-file:

Example of creating a temporary bat-file and starting it from VB script which is triggered, in turn, by JavaScript:

// Start Photoshop -- just an example
main('START "" "C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Adobe\\Adobe Photoshop CS3\\Photoshop.exe"');

function main(data) {
	try {  	
		var file = new File('~/myTmpBat.bat');'w');     
		file.encoding = 'UTF-8';     
		file.writeln (data); 

		var vbs = "Set WshShell = CreateObject(\"WScript.Shell\")\r";    
		vbs += "WshShell.Run chr(34) & \"C:\\Users\\%USERNAME%\\myTmpBat.bat\" & Chr(34), 0\r";    
		vbs += "Set WshShell = Nothing";  

		app.doScript(vbs, ScriptLanguage.VISUAL_BASIC, undefined, UndoModes.FAST_ENTIRE_SCRIPT); 
	catch(err) {
		alert(err.message + ", line: " + err.line);

See also Passing arguments to the jsx file from command line