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InDesign server

To download a trial version visit the Adobe InDesign CC Server Trial Downloads Program page.

Basically, InDesign Server's object model is the same as that of Desktop, with two exceptions:

What’s different between the Desktop and Server versions

To write a line to the console, use app.consoleout or consoleerr (for errors) method instead of $.writeln:

if ( == "Adobe InDesign") {
	$.writeln("gradientFillAngle = " + rec.gradientFillAngle);
else {
	app.consoleout("gradientFillAngle = " + rec.gradientFillAngle);

exportFile() method has withGrids the 4-th parameter-- If true, exports the grids -- and has no showingOptions (3-rd parameter in the desktop version).


Features missing in Server

You can find out what is different by comparing two scripting references: for Desktop and Server.