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How can I create a month and have the dates auto-change on each page?


Say, I have a section "January" and another "February" etc for the 12 months. I have one day per page with a month as a section. Then another month as a section and one day per page etc. I want to auto change the date on each page. I already have page numbers....


  1. Create a new section and new set of page numbers for each month. (right click in page panel >> number and section options)
  2. Create a master page for each month.
  3. On that master page, create a box with the month's name follow by the current page number (Type>Insert Special Character>Marker>Current Page Number)
  4. Apply appropriate master pages.

Thanks for the tip to Texsain. The source is here.

Click here to download the sample document (InDesign CC 2018, 800 KB)