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evaluateXPathExpression vs XML-rules: which is better?

Creating a parent xml element from a selection in the Structure Pane.

var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
var mySel = app.selection;
var newParent = myDoc.xmlElements[0].xmlElements.add({markupTag:"c_bullet_list"}).move(LocationOptions.before, mySel[0]);
var i = mySel.length;
while (i--) {
	mySel[i].move(LocationOptions.AT_BEGINNING, newParent);   

Locate and run the glue code.jsx file

var glueFile = new File(app.filePath + "/Scripts/XML Rules/glue code.jsx");
if (glueFile.exists) app.doScript(glueFile, ScriptLanguage.JAVASCRIPT)
	else ErrorExit("\"glue code.jsx\" should be located in the \"Scripts > XML Rules\" folder for the script to work.", true);

Setting a namespace attribute

var x = ;
var ns = new Namespace ("xlink", "");
x.addNamespace (ns);
x["@xlink:url"] = "tutu.jpg";

The source is here