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Welcome to my website!

Dear visitor,

I created this site to share my personal experience with scripting Adobe applications, mainly InDesign.

I've been working in InDesign since 2004 and automated all kind of things we used to do manually. Besides InDesign, I also write scripts for InCopy, Photoshop, Bridge. I write mostly in JavaScript, but know AppleScript and Visual Basic as well.

In producing this site, I have tried to “give back” something to the World Wide Web, which has given me so much. What do I have to offer?

Currently, I am busy because I have a full-time job and don’t have much time left for scripting. I work in my ‘home office’ fixing and preparing layouts for digital printing. In parallel, I am adjusting already existing scripts for my past customers. I’m not going to get down to any new complex projects, but I can do simple scripts from time to time.