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CSV or tab delimeted TXT file

Collection of scripts using a CSV file to read or write data.

Change fonts CSV by Kasyan
Can be used as a regular script against the current document, or you can run it from the batch processor to replace fonts.

Export paragraph style description settings to CSV by Kasyan
The script exports most of the documentĀ“s paragraph style description settings to CSV-file which can be opened in Excel.

Import colors to library from CSV-file by Muppet Mark

CSV2Tables by Loic Aigon
Get true tables from DataMerge records.

Uploading conditional names from external csv by

CSV & XML by Loic Aigon
Two little utilities to convert CSV to XML and back.

Links Report to CSV, Create a List of Linked Files (for Mac) and LinkExport-Pro_1a
scripts export some information about placed images in the active document and saves the result to csv/txt file. (Check out also Create a List of Linked Files article)

Here some scripting tips on using CSV