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Change fonts script for batch processor

Version with find-change list taken directly from the CSV file

Version with find-change list taken directly from the Excel (XLSX-file)

This script is for Windows only: the code is partially written in VBScript.
Here is the latest version of the script and here are the sample files used in the example below.

Change fonts script with find-change list hardcoded into the script

Here is the script together with 'before and after' sample files (ver. CC 2017).

At the very beginning you'll see the first variable which is the array of arrays containing the names of the fonts in the format:
[ "Find this", "Change to this" ],

Here I used the fonts installed with InDesign to make sure that everybody have them and can test the script using my sample.

Then you can select the script in the Batch processor like so:

If you have any feedback — complaints, comments, or suggestions — feel free to send me an e-mail putting Change fonts script into the subject line. (Warning: unfortunately, I can’t reply to all the e-mails I get because of lack of time. Sorry in advance!)

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