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Scripts for batch processor

Here are examples of the scripts that can be used with the Batch processor to perform commonly used tasks. (So far, only a few scripts, but I am going to add much more in the future).
Most of them can be used as regular stand alone scripts.

Some of them I wrote according to my own needs and on someone’s request. They’re very simple and often commented so it’s easy for everybody to get the idea of how it works. Feel free to adjust them to your requirements: for example, change the layer name or type in your list of styles.

Important note: why AppleScript doesn’t work anymore when run from the batch processor?


Turn automatic page numbering on or off

Clean up scripts

Delete unused swatches

Remove unused character styles

Remove unused paragraph styles


Resave in the current version


Export to PDF — Exports PDF file to the same location as the InDesign document using the "[High Quality Print]" pdf preset.

Export to IDML — Exports InDesign markup (IDML) file to the same location as the InDesign document.

Export to INX — Exports InDesign CS3 Interchange (INX) file to the same location as the InDesign document.

Export to HTML for site


Batch Find-Change by list

Change fonts

Change fonts CSV


Auto hyperlink


Make layer invisible-visible

Lock-unlock layer


Update modified links

Relink images

Relink images by path


Rename styles with prefix

Import paragraph styles

Rename paragraph styles

Rename character styles

Text frame

Set frame fitting options -- I wrote this script for my own needs. Use it as an example, or starting point.

Tables of Contents

Batch update table of contents


A simple example of adding data from InDesign to Excel on Mac

List links from InDesign to Excel



Check pageitems for shift

Example of achieving the same task using different scripting languages

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