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Functions for Web

Fetch URL over https using InDesign ExtendScript

Load xml from web into an InDesign document script

Perform HTTP requests very easily by using the http module of the Extendables library from Stijn Debrouwere, as demonstrated here.

Web Access From Adobe InDesign CS3 ExtendScript by Kris Coppiters

A much better alternative to the Socket object (See also the Socket page).

Set object export options script

Do you need to generate HTML table rows from XML in InDesign?

Connect InDesign to the web by grefel

Connect Adobe InDesign to a Wordpress Blog via REST by grefel

Activating Browser window from within an InDesign Javascript

You can use the hyperlinkDestination object to launch the browser using javascript.
The idea is to add a hyperlinkdestination to a document and the use its showDestination method to open the browser.
See the sample code below:

var h = app.documents[0].hyperlinkURLDestinations.add("");