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CC 2018

Bug with event "afterExport"

Reported by Uwe Laubender. The source is here.

Something is wrong with event listening for event "afterExport" with CC 2018 It was discovered that property fullName of the event will give no reasonable value. It's just an empty string. In versions before, CC 2017.1 and below, there is no problem to track an exported file. With CC 2018 — both on Windows and OSX — there seems no way. ( At least no workaround was found.)

Try the following:

1. Exit and restart InDesign WITHOUT your startup scripts.
2. Start the ExtendScript Toolkit (ESTK)
3. Connect to InDesign CC 2018
4. Copy the following script code to the ESTK and run this code:

#targetengine "test" 


function main() { 
	var myApplicationEventListener = app.eventListeners.add("afterExport", myExportPathShow, false); 

function myExportPathShow(myEventWithAfterExport) { 
	for (x in myEventWithAfterExport) { 
		$.writeln(x + "    :    " + myEventWithAfterExport[x].toString()); 

4. Then create a new document in InDesign CC 2018 and export something. For example, export itto IDML. What returns the JavaScript console? Check out the value for the property fullName: it is empty.

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