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Book feature bugs

Bug #1: Sometimes I have too many files so they don’t fit into the Book panel (set to the max. height on the screen), even with ‘small rows’ selected. Once I select one or more files in it, I can’t deselect them because no empty area left to click and there’s no option to do this via menu so if I want to, say, export book to pdf at the moment, only the selected files will be exported. To workaround this situation, I have to close, reopen and resize the panel.

Bug #2: Whenever I select a custom preflight profile in the book panel for the 1st time during a session, it’s ignored — ‘basic’ is used instead. My workaround is: first select another profile — e.g. ‘digital publishing’ and only after that the one I need.

Bug #3 in the book’s Update Numbering feature

Find ‘Book’ font style bug

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