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Some of my scripts

Ready to use scripts written by me — just install and use them.

Find Text in Location by Kasyan

Add varnish by Kasyan

Delete all GREP styles inside all paragraphs styles by Kasyan

Batch resave PageMaker files by Kasyan

Convert existing text to placeholder text by Kasyan

Make font catalog by Kasyan

Batch Find-Change by list (for Batch processor)

Change fonts (for Batch processor)

Collect used fonts

Make hyperlinks from URL

Batch process scripts

Convert hyperlinks to buttons

Resave in the current version by Kasyan

Clean Up Index Topics
This script cleans up topic names in the Index panel so that you don´t have to clean up text in the generated story every time you regenerate the index

Export paragraph style description settings to CSV (ID)
The script exports most of the document´s paragraph style description settings to CSV-file which can be opened in Excel.

Update path names in links (ID)
This script relinks old links with new ones in a folder you choose.

Restore broken links after server migration in InDesign (ID)
restores broken links by replacing the part of the path that changed.

Remove all instances of the same link (ID)
Just select a graphic frame with Selection tool and run the script — all instances of this link will be removed together with frames.

Batch update links (ID)
Batch updates all modified links in all InDesign documents located in the selected folder.

Resize images (ID)
Resizes all raster images in the current InDesign document and sets them to 100%.

Compare two documents (ID)
The script compares two documents and finds the differences between them

Place images (ID)
This script replaces text frames containing file names of images with actual images.

Place inline images
This script It finds text between two @ characters – e.g. @Pencil.tif@ – and replaces it with image that has the same name.

Package for Archive (ID)
This script packages all InDesign documents in the selected folder.

Export Stories to InCopy (ID)
This script exports stories in the active document to InCopy Document format creating a separate file (.incx) for each story.

Update Modified Links (ID)
Updates all modified links in the current document. It's very handy if you assign a shortcut to it — no need to open Links panel to update links.

Find change by queries (ID)
Performs a series of find-change operations based on the previously saved settings.

Open All RGB Files (ID)
Opens in Photoshop all TIFs and PSDs which are in RGB or Grayscale color mode. Very useful when your file contains loads of images that you have to color correct.

Update links to new drive letters (ID Windows)
This script changes the drive letter in the path names, has an option to relink all or only missing links.

Resave files script (ID)
Resaved files to make them smaller in size.

Batch Rename and Relink (ID)
This script renames all graphic links in the active document on page by page basis.

Batch-export to interchange/InDesign markup (ID)
Opens all InDesign documents in the selected folder and exports them into “Interchange Files” subfolder as inx files, which is created in the selected folder.

Batch resave INX-IDML files (ID)
Opens all INX and IDML files in the selected folder and saves them as INDD documents in the “Resaved Files” subfolder, which is created in the selected folder.

Convert RGB/CMYK images to Grayscale (ID+PS)
Opens all RGB/CMYK images from the active InDesign document in Photoshop and converts them to Grayscale.

Batch export indd-files to pdf (ID)
Opens all InDesign documents in the selected folder and its subfolders, and exports them to pdf-format.

Create Text Anchors (ID)
Finds all text formatted with character style “Anchor” and creates text anchors from the found text.

Relink and fit
Relinks all instances of the selected image with another one and fits frame to content.

Relink documents in book

Close all open documents without saving
start up script (put it into "Adobe InDesign CS6/Scripts/startup scripts" folder and restart InDesign). It creates a new menu item -- "Close All Docs without Saving" -- right below the "Close" menu. The script checks if any documents are open. If not, the menu will be disabled (grayed out), otherwise – enabled. So, if no docs are open, you can’t click it.

Save and close all open documents

Revert all documents
Reverts all open documents without confirmation dialog box (warning! be careful when using this script)

Export current page to JPG

Transliterate cyrillic links
The script removes Cyrillic characters from file names replacing them with English equivalents.

Export button description settings (unfinished project)

Export to HTML for site

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